Il prodotto del mese is a project to increase the value of Ciociaria typical products and a new way of knowing and experience the “food and agricultural quality” of the area through e-commerce.

The web site is the result of a great collaboration between the best farms of the region and the restaurant Le Cannardizie, promoting some of the delicacies of italian gastronomy coming from the Southern Latium, aimed at a very exclusive market.

Our purpose is to bring local food and beverage to anyone who, spurred on by curiosity or just coming back from a trip to Ciociaria, still want to taste the excellence, choosing from a wide range of products.

Moreover Ciociaria plays its role in increasing the awareness of the wealthy life style, driving the web market to a conscious consumption, deriving from a good knowledge of the products and respecting the Italian tradition.

The Shop

Ristorante  Le Cannardizie - Piazza Garibaldi - Stretta della Posterula - 03042 Atina - Frosinone / mail:

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