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Il piatto del mese

Il Piatto del mese

Spaghetti all'uovo con Pomodorino e Gran Cacio di Morolo

A cura dello chef Vittorio Bastianelli






As for the company Le Cannardizie  we have created the Restaurant within the Visocchi winery (1868) also known as “Cantina Visocchi”.

Within the establishment one may come across archaeological industrial tools belonging to the wine trade along with various antiques and rare objects, which have allowed to create the foundations of the Atina DOC (guarantee of origin and quality).

From each room it is possible to perceive the scent and the charm of the history of the “Cabernet Sauvignon” produced by the great agronomist Pasquale Visocchi.

The restaurant is composed of two main rooms each sitting 90 people, a wide hall and an open terrace which beholds a panoramic view on the “Valle di Comino” area. Situated within the old town centre, the Visocchi winery may host food, wine and business events, with the availability of overhead projector and Wi.Fi.

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