Our History

Le Cannardizie  was born in April 2002 with the intent to enhance the specificity of gourmet Southern Lazio through the recovery of historical knowledge and oral traditions that now more than ever, are crucial for an opportunity for economic and social development of Central Italy . This strip of land is of strategic importance to identify chronologically our archaeological past, food and wine as we know that in these areas Ancient peoples of Italy resulted in a multitude and variety of products that are still present in traditional cooking, actually here the civilization era pre-Roman and Roman-greek, according to the social struggles and cultural exchanges with Arabs and Egyptians, have affected the entire agro-pastoral.


Since 2002, Le Cannardizie has proposed several initiatives within a network of relationships between public and private stakeholders to highlight the importance of tradition that, by collecting data, is the guiding policy of unifying and constructive. One of the main activities of Le Cannardizie Srl it is interacting with EELL and culinary associations, promoting cultural programs that link the small realities of Southern Lazio to the industry nationally and internationally. Every year gestistite relationships with others through sharing quotas and compares goals to create the right synergies and implementations.


Le Cannardizie carries out activities in the Comino Valley in the province of Frosinone, precisely in the center of the town of Atina, where he chose a prestigious 1800's:



The Cellar Visocchi

or the Brothers Wine Company Visocchi Visocchi Pasquale (1817/1908), the agronomist who from 1840 to 1868 (start date of bottling) experienced the first French vines in Italy: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Soavignon, Merlot, and other . This historic home, has an interior that retraces the events wine company with old tools and paper documents on display in the halls used for food and wine tastings and events (conferences, book presentations, presentations of companies and products)


Le Cannardizie,through the recovery of some monastic cells of the Archbishopric of Atina (1590), achieved a second place for wine lovers dedicated to the nostrum combos of the Comino Valley.


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  • Ristorante Le Cannardizie
  • Piazza Garibaldi s.n.c.
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  • Atina - Frosinone
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